The Perfect Tented Winter Wedding Reception

Tented Riverbed Wedding Featured on Style Me Pretty

Of course, a lot of brides and grooms choose to have spring and summer weddings – and there are a lot of reasons that might have made you consider this as well. The weather, the flowers, the general energy, the abundance of fresh ingredients for foods and drinks – they’re all great advantages.

With new advances and trendy wedding ideas available, you can plan the perfect winter wedding reception. With new tenting options, it is possible to have a perfect winter wedding reception celebration outdoors during the coldest months of the year.

Depending on your location, you may find yourself battling the weather – and you must be prepared for what that means. Renting a tent means that you can have your wedding reception just about anywhere. A backyard, park, beach, golf course, garden or wherever!

Yes, it is cold outside during the winter months, but with a tent, you can keep everyone nice and toasty inside! Our tents can come with HVAC systems, meaning they have a heating system that can keep the temperature under the tent as warm as if you were indoors.

Interior designs and permanent walls and other fixtures can impede on the look you have in mind. Thankfully, a tent rental gives you a wide-open, unobstructed space to design the wedding reception of your dreams. The open space has enough room for your dance floor, bar, seating area, food area and more!

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Tented Riverbed Wedding Featured on Style Me Pretty

Hosting a Tented Celebration

Photography: Paper Antler