Event Lighting

Transform Your Event with the Right Lighting

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” – Aaron Rose

If you consider the most magical and memorable events you have ever attended, lighting surely played a big part – even if you didn’t notice it at the time. It’s a critical element at any gathering, and one that many people need help with.

Café/String Lighting

Uplighting / Washlighting

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Event and Wedding Chandeliers

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Bishops Chandelier
The Abbey Tent Chandeliers
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Edison Bulbs / Pendants

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Custom Event Lighting Designs

Types of Lighting to Consider

When planning your wedding or special occasion, there are three main categories of lighting to consider:

Functional Lighting 
Ensures that your event is easy to navigate and enjoy, and can be used to illuminate floral elements, outdoor venues and walkways.

Ambient Lighting
Makes the magic, helping create the right mood and feel for your event. It’s a powerful tool that can completely transform your venue, offering character, intimacy, and even hiding certain elements.

Statement Lighting
Uses colors, patterns, spotlights, and more to bring your ideas to life, making your party unique and memorable.

No matter what your event lighting rental needs are, Chance Productions has the options and expertise you need, including café and string lighting, up lighting (also known as wash lighting), chandeliers, theatrical lighting, Edison bulbs, and custom designs for both indoor and outdoor parties.

As a trusted partner for many weddings, meetings, festivals, and event planners in the Great Lakes Region, Chance Productions provides event lighting rentals in Wisconsin, Illinois (Chicago), Michigan, Minnesota, and Iowa.

Looking for other event rentals to go with your lighting?

Event lighting isn’t the only thing we do well. Chance Productions is also the Great Lakes Region vendor for Sperry Tents and offers a complete selection of furniture, such as tables and chairs, and flooring, such as custom tent flooring and dance floors, to ensure your next occasion is complete from top to bottom.

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